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The CIFA Peru Program

Master aviation English, achieve multiple pilot ratings and get your FAA certification in just 14 months

Start your training near home, then transfer to Florida in the United States to increase your English abilities and  master the skills of flying in busy commercial airspace near major airports.


Our program includes

• Aviation English Course

• USA FAA Private Pilot License (PPL)

• Instrument Rating (IR)


The estimated time to complete the program is 14 months with an accumulated 256 flight hours.

The first 100 flight hours will be flown in Peru with Peruvian and U.S. aircraft and instructors. The remaining 116 flight hours plus 40 hours of flight simulator time will be flown in the U.S. All Private Pilot License crosscountry flights are greater than 50 nautical miles; all Commercial Pilot License crosscounty flights are greater than 100 nautical miles.

• Commercial (CPL) Pilot License

• Multi-Engine (ME) rating Pilot License

Our Training Aircraft

You will train in industry standard aircraft designed and built for safe operation by student pilots.

The Private Pilot License, hour building and Instrument Rating phases of the program will be conducted in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk or Piper PA-28 Cherokee aircraft and in approved Simulator / Flight Training Devices.

The Multi-engine training takes place in Piper Seneca PA-34 or Cessna 310 aircraft (with surcharge, see below) and approved Simulator / Flight Training Devices.

These aircraft have been in production for many years and are used by flight training academies around the world. They have excellent safety records and receive frequent safety reviews and updates from their manufacturers.

Just as important as the type of aircraft is the ratio of aircraft to students:

At some large flight academies, you'll be competing with other students for scarce flight hours in the available aircraft.

At CIFA, our smaller class sizes mean you won't be competing for time in the air; you'll get your flight hours quicker and finish your program and certifications sooner, saving you time and money.

The Cessna 310 (above right) is an advanced multi-engine aircraft offered as an option to CIFA students. The Cessna 172 Skyhawk (above) is the most-used training aircraft in the world.

Additional Training Costs

Aircraft Upgrade

Uniforms X 3 $ 90 each ( Adidas)

Flight Medical Exam $100 - $160 depending on Medical Examiner, Class of Desired Medical and age of applicant.

Aircraft Deductible Insurance  $300/ year

Additional Flight Hours at prevailing rates. We suggest that 5% of course fee be budgeted for additional hours

FAA Written Examps $495

FAA Examiner Check Rides 3 check rides @ $600 per ride, total $1,800

Recommended books, materials and equipment  $1080

Housing $550 per month double occupancy in FL. US

Food average of $400-1000 per month


In the unlikely event that students require additional flying or ground training hours in order to safely pass the FAA check rides, Ground Examinations or require further training to complete the course additional costs will be charged for these hours the rate prevailing at that time. Please note although a

Commercial course can be completed within 8 months we recommend that students budget for between 9 - 14 months course duration and final flight checkrides including the six-month Aviation English Course.

For students who want to upgrade their multi-engine training aircraft from a Piper Seneca to a Cessna C310, please add $2970 to the course price.


He Said She said


Many flight schools quote low prices using the FAA legal minimums. In most cases, those minimums are not realistic for students to acquire the skills needed to pass certification.

At CIFA, we  do not use the FAA minimums: Our prices and package contents are based on students’  realistic flight and ground training needs:

• 480 hours of Aviation English Course

• 252 flight Hours Total:

60 flight hours for Private Pilot License

42 flight hours instruction for Instrument Rating

30 flight hours Multi Engine

120 flight hours Single Engine building time

30 Hours Ground Instruction for Private Pilots License

40 Hours Ground Instruction for Instrument Rating

50 Hours Simulator Time with an Instructor

30 Hours Flight Instruction for the Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot License

• 14 Hours of Ground Instruction for Multi Engine CPL (classroom and simulator)

• 10 Hours Ground Instruction for CPL Single Engine

• 3 x Check rides (Private, Instrument and Multi/Commercial)

• All Applicable Domestic Taxes

• 3 FAA written knowledge exams

• 3 FAA flight check rides

• Transport from Orlando International Airport to school round trip


About CIFA

Carlin International Flight Academy (CIFA) is a respected professional aviation school with training facilities in Peru and in Florida in the United States. We don't just teach students how to fly; our experienced instructors teach you how to succeed in the fast-paced world of aviation.

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