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ACareers in commercial aviation are booming and the demand for certified pilots is soaring. You can become a highly paid aviation professional, but you'll need  the right training — the kind of training provided by Carlin International Flight Academy.

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Why become a pilot?

In Demand: Nearly a half-million new pilots will be needed globally in the next two decades.

Well Paid: Increased demand has led to higher pay for aviation professionals. In most countries, on average pilots earn as much as lawyers, and senior pilots earn up to US$200,000 annually.

Respected: Pilots are highly respected professionals.

Exciting lifestyle: When you train with CIFA, you'll have the training — in the air and on the ground — to work anywhere in the world.

Why study with Carlin International Flight Academy?

CIFA Instructors

Learn English

FAA Certification

As pilot demand has increased and the number of students has grown, some flight academies use recent graduates to fill the need for more instructors. At CIFA, you'll learn more than the mechanics of flying; you'll learn how to succeed in the field of aviation from senior command pilots who've flown for militaries, airlines, governments and wealthy private clients. CIFA was founded by Carlos Perez, a  former colonel with Fuerza Area de Peru, who's flown everything from military fighters to heavy jets.

 At CIFA, you'll get more than basic knowledge: You'll get the wisdom that comes with long experience.

English is the official language of aviation around the world, so a firm command of English is necessary. CIFA offers a multi-level training and certification program in English designed to give you the skills and the confidence required. And you can finish your training in the United States, where you'll not only perfect the language but will gain essential experience flying in crowded, commercial airspace.

Certification by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) of the United States is the gold standard for pilots around the world. The FAA has the most rigorous and most widely respected standards, so passing the FAA exams guarantees future employers that you are ready to safely operate their aircraft. CIFA is affiliated with Aerostar Training Services Llc. Aerostar operates under training certificates issued by the FAA, so you can earn your FAA certification as part of your CIFA program.


CIFA gives students one-on-one time with highly experienced command pilots, maximizes flying time and allows quicker course completion. You’ll be flying — and earning — faster.

Personal Attention

Connect With A Career Counselor

If you're a parent, you should know that your son or daughter will not be lost in the crowd. With fewer students, we are able to provide more personal attention to each. This includes paying attention to their lives when they're not in the classroom or in the air.

Faster Completion

At larger, more crowded schools it can be difficult to schedule the flying hours needed to complete your program. At CIFA, we have fewer students per simulator and per aircraft. This means you can finish your certificate faster, saving money on living expenses and getting into the job market sooner.



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About CIFA

Carlin International Flight Academy (CIFA) is a respected professional aviation school with training facilities in Peru and in Florida in the United States. We don't just teach students how to fly; our experienced instructors teach you how to succeed in the fast-paced world of aviation.

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